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DWELM – Overcast EP

Posted by DWELM on  November 6, 2020
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Stream/Download The DWELM Overcast EP here. The DWELM Overcast EP is a heavy collection of tracks that range from the slow and ethereal to the thunderous and devastating. Whether your head is in the clouds or your feet are planted firmly on the ground, this EP will surely blanket your consciousness with massive bass lines, glitchy textures, and otherworldly vocals. DWELM is the solo project of west coast space cadet Greg Dehmlow. Stay tuned for

Cypher 023: Animalia curated by Kermode

Posted by Various Artists on  October 9, 2020
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Stream/Download Cypher 023: Animalia curated by Kermode here. Kermode curated Producer Dojo Cypher 023: Animalia and the challenge was for members of the Class of 808 to write a song based around or inspired by a particular animal. Cryptochronica kicks off the EP with Whales Ft. Mellay and the whale theme continues on the introspective “Lost Myself” by Spiderhound. RIP KENNY takes us out of the Ocean to “Howl at the Moon” and Vaedynn closes

The Transformational Journey of ShadowStar

Posted by Spiderhound on  October 2, 2020
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It has been a real pleasure to work with ShadowStar and watch his evolution during his time in the Dojo. His new Komorebi EP is the culmination of all of his dedication and hard work and it also serves as an audio travelogue of his inspiring journeys across the United States. I really enjoyed catching up with Dylan Lohrstorfer to learn more about his transformational experience and his plans for the future. Dylan, congratulations on

ShadowStar – Komorebi EP

Posted by ShadowStar on  September 25, 2020
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Stream/Download the Komorebi EP HERE The songs on the new Komorebi EP were created during ShadowStar‘s journey through almost every state in America. Isolated in an 18 wheeler for months at a time, ShadowStar undertook an adventure across the land experiencing powerful moments in nature, and taking in perception-altering sights. From the warm raindrops of Washington to the crisp winter winds of Wyoming the world brought him into deep, emotional states. Staving off a longing

Kermode “Chameleon” Remix Contest

Posted by Spiderhound on  September 17, 2020
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We are excited to announce the Kermode “Chameleon” Remix Competition hosted by SKIO Music. Enter to win over $2,000 worth of prizes! In addition to securing an official release on The Producer Dojo Record Label, the Grand Prize winner will receive Audeze LCD 1 Headphones, Sonarworks Reference 4, Kermode’s Organica Sample Pack, 6 Months Digital Membership at Producer Dojo and 4 hours of Private Lessons with Kermode! Submissions September 14 – October 5 Judging October 6 –

MESSEA Contagion EP

Posted by MESSEA on  August 31, 2020
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While taking into account the current events of the year 2020, the Contagion EP delivers a stark, yet refreshing representation of the state of the world through the art of bass music. As the first ominous pad seeps its way into your ear canal it’s quickly apparent that MESSEA has something just a little different in store for the listener. From the hypnotic intros into the crusty mutilated bass lines this EP really aims to

Polar Bear (ft. Gucci Mane) Remix EP

Posted by ill.Gates on  August 15, 2020
Category: News, music
“Polar Bear Ft. Gucci Mane” was originally produced by Producer Dojo member EyeOnEyez. The new EP features three exclusive remixes from Pedestrian Tactics, 6th Street, and ill.Gates. We are super excited to bring you our renditions of Polar Bear, featuring the one and only…Gucci Mane! “Polar Bear,” which was first released in 2018, is a minty hip hop and trap beat representing the dynamic production styles of EyeOnEyez. You may have heard of him through

Nazi Punks Fuck Off by Dead Kennedys (ill.Gates & RIP Kenny Official Remix)

Posted by ill.Gates on  July 31, 2020
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Category: News, music
Nazi Punks Fuck Off by Dead Kennedys (Official Remix) by ill.Gates/RIP KENNY Is Now Available! ill.Gates has always loved the Dead Kennedys. Their attitude and energy have been a huge influence on him over the years and it’s a dream come true to do this official collaboration. RIP KENNY and ill.Gates made this remix in 2019 and then spent an ENTIRE YEAR trying to track down the Dead Kennedys to get permission to release it.

Kermode changes colors on his new Chameleon EP

Posted by Spiderhound on  July 29, 2020
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Kermode invites us behind the scenes to share how he made his new Producer Dojo Chameleon EP. Jeanot, congratulations on the release of the Chameleon EP. How long ago did you begin working on it and at what point did you identify the songs for the EP?  I started the EP just under a year ago, around last August. I actually wrote the EP in reverse order, so with Subconscious and Paladin first. When I

Kermode Chameleon EP

Posted by Kermode on  July 25, 2020
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Born from the desire to fuse the beauty of the west coast with the aggression and grandeur of modern bass music, Kermode sets out to create a colorful dance driven world for his listeners. With years of powerful electronic releases and thrilling live shows under his belt, Kermode continues to move up the ranks as one of dance music’s most exciting acts.  Kermode’s Chameleon EP is a deep dive through the many colors of dance


DWELM – Overcast EP