Aeded Splits Speakers With His “Hybrid Slappers” Sample Pack

HEXIS here,
When I received a message on facebook about a sample pack submission, I was a little suspicious of how good it could be. I assumed it would probably be okay to start but with a lot of work to be done to get it ready. As I started to go through it i was thinking to myself, that one is good, that one is good too, that one is REALLY good. By the time I got through 5% of the pack I had already added 20 new samples to my library and was typing Aeded back asking him how soon we could release this.

The pack is needless to say, an 11/10. the best part about it in my opinion is that it’s not a really good pack with 40 samples. it’s a really good pack with 241 samples. Blown away by his quality and quantity of the samples, I had to ask him what his secret was.

Tell me about the process of making this pack, what was it like? How long did it take?
Aeded: This pack wasn’t even a pack when it started!  A lot of the samples are results of me practicing sound design (especially the drums) and learning how different sounds work, then breaking rules.  About three months before the pack released, I decided I’d make a pack based off digital/analog processing used in conjunction, which is what most of my sounds are based off anyway.  It was a wonderful learning experience making it, especially learning organization of sample packs and how to effectively organize them to fit most workflows.  The pack took around 6 months to complete.

What does this pack provide for music producers?
Aeded: The pack provides a TON of inspiring sounds that you can base entire ideas off.  When making demos for this pack, I’d base my ideas off a single sample, chop it up, and very quickly have a solid idea going.  Afterwards I’d add all the other meats like drums and melodies, then I’d spice it up a bit with the FX in the pack.  So basically, it provides a load of ideas.  Perfect for producers stuck in writer’s block especially.

What do you have planned in the future for Aeded?

Aeded: People will DEFINITELY be seeing some Aeded DJ sets around the east coast. More sample packs are coming for sure!  In fact, I have plans to make “Hybrid Slappers” a series of packs.  More Aeded music releases are right around the corner too! 🙂

Like I already said, This pack is amazing and I’m surprised he’s willing to let it go for 14.99 because I feel like we’re literally robbing him for that many amazing samples. Click the image below to see the pack and click the link below to check out Aeded!