AHEE – Animals EP


AHEE - Animals EP

Stream/Download The AHEE Animals EP here.   AHEE is back with a fresh take on Glitch Hop with his Animals EP on iLL.Gates’ Producer Dojo label. These 4 new tracks range from heavy neuro bass inspired dance floor bangers like “10 Foot Tarantula” & “Jungle Dragon Beat” to 7 minute Clozee-esqe melodic journeys like “Night Monkey.” A wild mixture of wiggly bass lines and psychedelic soundscapes will be sure to entertain your body, mind, & spirit. “10 Foot Tarantula” smashes the gate open and unleashes the animals within with its turntablism influences and hard hitting bass. Next “Jungle Dragon Beat” with it’s catchy vocal line of “This Beat Is So Damn Tight” leads us through a thick jungle canopy to discover a hidden temple of Bass guarded by epic neuro sound design - clearly the work of dragons.  As the sun sets and the stars rise, we stumble through the festive party of the “Night Monkey.” This 7 minute Amazonian journey of melodic psychedelia, vowely basslines, and surprise reversed trip hop type flip during the second drop is a metaphorical recreation of what could happen after one ingests a ritually blessed substance during the monkey’s festivities.  Finally the EP ends on the whacky & wooky “Ostrich Banana Zone.” With its conversational baselines this loopy tune will be sure to capture your imagination and leave you differently from how you entered AHEE’s Animals EP.

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