Cryptochronica – The Beginning Is Near


Cryptochronica - The Beginning Is Near

Cryptochronica is the glitch fusion project of Seattle based producer, Chris Michaels. A digital weaver, Michaels blends genre and style into the sonic bass fabric that defines Cryptochronica's sound. Omnitempo and maximalist, Cryptochronica sets seamlessly thread funk, soul, rock, reggae, hip-hop and downtempo with the heavy bass styles of the underground. Originally from Oahu, Hawaii, Michaels was influenced by the islands Reggae, dub and Jawaiian (Jamaican-Hawaiian Fusion) scenes and Cryptochronica often shares glimmers of these tropical inspirations. The name itself is drawn from this Rasta-fusion tradition: both the words Crip and Chronic are Hawaiian pidgin (slang) for Cannabis. When blockchain and crypto currencies exploded into the public consciousness, it was only a short leap to conceiving Cryptochronica: the digital drug. Stream Download: