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What If ill.GATES Promoted Your Music?

How would it feel to have a #1 release on Beatport?

Maybe you’re not finishing tracks yet, that’s okay and it’s completely normal in this world of confusing YouTube tutorials.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have insight and feedback from ill.GATES and his most trusted producer friends as mentors?

That’s what Producer Dojo is all about. We create an ecosystem for music producers of all skill levels.

We do this by offering our members a chance to take part in our monthly mixtape.

It’s very similar to a Rap Cypher, with an EDM twist, inspired by Team Supreme’s mixtapes.

Each month, ill.GATES or a special guest host (wait till you hear all the guest stars who are hosting the next couple months) will choose rules like tempo, music scale and theme so that the host can blend them all together for a continuous a DJ mix.

This gives all the artists in the dojo a chance to shine, and also gives them practice in finishing songs quickly.

We have personally seen a great deal of success from the Mixtape Challenge. ill.GATES now plays out our tracks at HUGE gigs like Bassnectar’s Spring Gathering After-PartiesRadiate 2018, and sold-out Denver’s RE:Search Wednesdays. At this particular event, he had us up on stage and played two of our originals, and a couple of our collabs!

Yes, you heard that correctly. If you work hard and climb the ranks of the Dojo, you too can get the chance to work with Dylan (and us too of course!).

Luckily, we documented this journey in our latest vlog:

Before we started doing the mixtape challenge, we would hesitate on releasing tracks because they weren’t “perfectly mixed and mastered” yet. This led to several months of no new music. Because of that, we were seeing very little traction with our music career. We weren’t getting gigs and no one was playing out our tracks. Fast forward to now, and we are getting tons of gig offers, lots of exposure and more. All because the mixtape challenge puts that pressure on you to make diamonds. They might not be perfect when you release them, but usually no one but you can really tell. Your fans don’t have checklists of things that need to change when listening to your songs. They appreciate it for what it is … great music! And with all the mentoring and feedback, as long as you put the work in, our team can help you get as close to perfect as possible within a month.

For the first mixtape challenge, we produced a track called “Break Through”, and for the second we made a track called “Big Up Yo Self”.

These are the two tracks that ill.GATES is now rinsing out all the time. For the third cypher, we produced a mystical vocal track called “Soul Contracts”.

This is where the magic happens: what started out as just a fun studio session, making a song for the “A Night at the Movies” cypher theme, has turned into an opportunity to play 7 major music festivals!!!

“Soul Contracts” was selected as a finalist entry for the Untz Festival Challenge. Read all about it HERE.

Now we are in the Top 3 out of 50 artists to play Electric Forest, Imagine Festival, Summer Camp, Camp Bisco, 515 Alive Festival, Sonic Bloom, and of course, The Untz Festival. We are blown away at how well the mixtape challenge works!


Now it’s your turn!

Producer Dojo provides mentorship, one-on-one video lessons and more to help you get your music ready to release.

The best artists who graduate through the program have the opportunity to be released on the Producer Dojo Record Label, with music on compilations such as The Class of 808 series.

Our graduates are also offered the opportunity to become mentors, release sample packs with us, and create more workshops and take our community to the next level.

Here’s the BIG NEWS: We have been chosen to be the first Guest Host of the next mixtape challenge!

Do you want to be on the next Producer Dojo Cypher Mixtape?

It all starts with taking our FREE prerequisite class, the Workflow Workshop, which you can sign up for here:

If you would like to listen to the Cyphers, and the first Class of 808 compilation, check them out on soundcloud below:

ill.GATES also has his friend, Professor LightWAV create VJ videos for the Cyphers as well. Watch below:


Enjoy! and don’t forget to sign up for the FREE Workflow Workshop.


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