Hexis Curates Cypher 20: Drum and Bass

On May 29th, Cypher 20: Drum and Bass was released on the Producer Dojo label and it showcases 5 very talented Class of 808 artists.  Dustin aka Hexis curated the cypher and I caught up with him to learn more about the project.

Dustin, nice work on curating Cypher 20: Drum and Bass. Tell us, why did you choose this particular challenge? 

To keep it short and sweet, Drum and Bass is one of the foundational subgenres of electronic music and I felt it was important to pay homage to that, and all of the innovations that have started in DnB and made their way to the world of halftime music like dubstep, trap, etc. 

Do you have any special shout outs or nods of recognition for the participants in Cypher 20?

I still Listen to Mammyth’s track “Wandering” all the time. Seriously amazing sunset vibes I get every time I listen. I love when a song can really evoke the feeling of a time and place and transport you there. Mammyth absolutely crushed it on that one. 

On a larger scale, all of the participants were really excited for us to be doing something with Drum and Bass, and I was really happy with the energy everyone brought to the Cypher. This was one of the Cyphers where there was 20 songs fighting for a 4 song EP and that’s always a good problem to have!

This Cypher is considerably smaller than previous cyphers. What happened in the final selection process that made the final product so lean and mean? 

When the cyphers are based around more open ideas, like movie night, say my name, samples only, it can be really easy to get 1,000 completely different songs, especially if it’s something experimental that may just be really cool. 

I think it became clear that in order to have a really good Drum and Bass cypher the songs would have to be on the level of good drum and bass tracks from known labels. I’ve always been a huuuuge nerd for quality control, and I knew that if I did a cypher I would set the threshold very high from the start. Drum and Bass has been around longer than a lot of people (myself included) have been alive, and with that much history the music itself sets a standard by holding against the test of time. It’d be like having a classic rock cypher; we wouldn’t think to release any classic rock in 2020 that didn’t at least reach the standards of classic rock in 1970.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? 

Please make sure to listen to all of the songs on the cypher and support the individual artists who made the tracks. They’ve worked harder on this cypher than a lot of other tracks and we spent months making sure it was perfect!

Stream/Download: Cypher 20: Drum and Bass

Cypher 020: Drum and Bass Cypher Mix Track Listing

1. 0:00 Rave Gravy – “Thank you Reality”

2. 1:53 Porch – “Nothing Lasts”

3. 3:37 Jack Lion – “Crescent”

4. 6:09 Leo Light Work – “Sound Boy Killah”

5. 8:00 Mammyth – “Wandering”