I’ll Be A Dad In 2019: My Life Is Getting Remixed!

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Remix Your Life – Singup For 2019 Today

I’m typing away in my hotel room in Greensboro while my now-quite-pregnant wife Nunich gets herself ready to go out for dinner and all I can think about is:


It was all a dream at this time last year, but now Nunich is becoming a human sphere and I can’t help but think that now is the time to make my New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s important to note that this isn’t about beating up my past self, or dwelling on my mistakes. New Year’s resolutions can go down that path for sure, but it’s not productive in my experience. Growth is positive, and it requires positive thinking. Yes: I need to be realistic. Yes: I need to be honest. Yes: I need to stay hungry, BUT if (like in past years) I just make a laundry list of all my flaws it’s not likely to result in much positive change.

We all have that guy inside of us who just wants to stay comfortable and safe, smoke weed all day, play video games and watch Netflix. That’s normal. BUT you can’t let it become WHO YOU ARE.

My New Year’s Resolutions are about taking personal responsibility for my life and taking CHARGE. I know that I can have either excuses or progress, but NOT BOTH.

So this is me taking responsibility for my life, setting the excuses aside, dreaming big, and setting my goals for 2019.

Remember that post about Using Science To Hack New Year’s Resolutions? Well this is me applying it:

I’m going to take my goals, break them down into specific actions, and turn it into a time line.

Then I’m going to commit to the time line and create some accountability with a third party.

Then finally I’m going to create a schedule of deliverables and update my third party regularly.

This way I have something to LOSE, and I am 100% accountable for the execution of my plan.


I’ve already written most of a new album (titled ‘The Arrival’ and dedicated to the arrival of my daughter), and I want to release it as soon as I possibly can, so that’s going to mean much more music writing. I want to finish at least one song per week (52) for the entire year, and in February I want to finish 14 beats for February Album Writing Month (FAWM). I’m going to need to get daily with the workflow timers if this is going to happen. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again. Starting January 1 I am going to do a Workflow Timer every day.


I am going to commit to doing the 7 minute workout every day.


If I’m going to be a half decent father I need to spend at least one day per week with my wife and daughter, minimum. This will be Sunday or Monday depending on my tour schedule. This is going to mean delegating more of my work and becoming better at organizing my team. It’s also going to mean I need to wake up earlier. As much as I love waking up at noon that’s just not going to cut it any more. I’m also going to have to start actively saying ‘no’ to more things.


I am very happy with where The Weekly Download has come in 2018. It went from an informal little thing to a super sick live class! I love it. Now I want to shift my focus to making more big pieces of content for the members at the Class Of 808 Level. The Moog ill.Phatty Patches, 2019 Studio Template, etc. were all really great additions in November/December but I feel like I can do better. I want to make a new EDM Mixing Workshop called ‘Composing The Mix’, I want to make more Sampler Instruments using my Modular Synth (and my new Moog One when I eventually get it), and I want to do a workshop about DJing and Live Performance.


This has always been a weak spot for me. My strategy is basically carpet bombing the world with tons and tons of content, and that has definitely worked up to a point, but I could be better at acquiring new fans with my content, and I could be a lot more proactive with reaching out to the media. In other words: I need to ‘play the game’ a bit more and stop being such an outsider. The DIY approach is great and all, but I feel like I’ve taken it as far as I can and I need to finally suck it up and bring in some professionals. I’m going to be a lot more active in pursuing a brand growth specialist for both myself and all of the Dojo members. I’d like to have that sorted by March.


Now that the basic infrastructure for the ProducerDj.com Marketplace has been built and all of the top Ninjas and Senseis in the Dojo are selling sample packs, etc. I want to overhaul the public facing side of the site and make it a lot more customer friendly. We should have charts, product recommendations, etc. like Amazon does. It’s gotta be as easy as possible to find what you want and fill your cart with awesome Dojo stuff! I’d like to have this done as soon as possible really. The site should be just CRUSHING by the summer, so I’ll need to start on that right away. This might also involve bringing in another professional.


I had a pretty massive break this year when I was head hunted by Zain Effendi to do some work on a secret Disney project (you’ll freak out when it’s finally announced). Zain is not only an amazing person, but he’s also Hans Zimmer’s prodigy and worked on The Dark Knight, and other totally massive Hollywood films. This is one of the biggest breaks in my career to date and it could mean a LOT more work opportunities coming to the Dojo. I need to make that work a top priority in 2019. He’s coming over to the Dojo in January so I’ll know a lot more about what this goal looks like then.


I’ve hired Spiderhound to keep everything in the Dojo running according to schedule. He’s one of my favorite humans and is REALLY AMAZING at basically anything he sets his mind to. He’s only been running the calendar since November but it’s been completely life changing. I’m going to try to be in better communication with him, and will be appointing him to be my third party accountability for all of this stuff. In the next couple of days I’m going to set up a meeting with him to help turn my goals into an Action Plan and to schedule weekly updates on my progress.

Holy shit! That’s a lot!

I know I can do it though. I’ve done crazy shit my whole life and I am not alone. Having Spiderhound to hold me accountable and giving him regular updates on my progress is going to be a huge motivating factor. He’s a father too, and is shockingly productive so I’m hoping some of that will rub off on me if we meet every week. If Die Antwoord can become rock stars AFTER being unsuccessful for 20 years AND THEN having a kid then I can do it too. The fact is: this is bigger than just me now. My wife is counting on me, my daughter is counting on me, the Dojo is counting on me. Failure is not an option in 2019.

EDIT: here is that video

If you want to #RemixYourLife in 2019 there is no better investment you can make in yourself than a year with Producer Dojo. I’ll call you personally and help you make your Action Plan. You can even try the Dojo for 30 days and then ask for a refund if it’s not the right fit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Team Up, Take Over! 2019 = Dojo Over Everything!

Happy New Year!