Please share: My new album finally dropped today!

The album is called ‘Terminally iLL’ because it’s intended to shine a light in dark times.

It’s easy to make angry or sad music, but it’s really difficult to create something positive. This one took a long time because I tried to cram as much positivity and gratitude into it as possible.
These songs are here to be your alarm clock, your road trip anthem, your secret happy dance, the sound track to a mountaintop high five with the squad.

Please listen to these songs and know you’re never alone.

I’m trying to make as much of an impact with this album as possible, so please spread it far and wide, and if any of this resonates with you, please consider supporting this project by entering the contest or buying the album on beatport.

Sincerely, ill.Gates

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Maximum love and respect to all of my vocalists and collaborators.

Stephan Jacobs, Jackie Rain, Louis Jordan, Matter, MindsetMusic, Spiderhound, ArKo Mayor Apeshit, Screenager, Masia One, Nuberto, Pure Powers, Hugo The Poet, Dub Fx, Mimosa, Blockboii, The DropStarz, CloZee, KJ SAWKA, Minnesota, G Jones, Youngsta Cpt