ShadowStar – Komorebi EP


ShadowStar - Komorebi EP

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The songs on the new Komorebi EP were created during ShadowStar's journey through almost every state in America. Isolated in an 18 wheeler for months at a time, ShadowStar undertook an adventure across the land experiencing powerful moments in nature, and taking in perception-altering sights. From the warm raindrops of Washington to the crisp winter winds of Wyoming the world brought him into deep, emotional states. Staving off a longing to return to loved ones and familiar spaces, ShadowStar followed the drive to explore, create, and continue the journey.

During this time ShadowStar's virtual meetings with ill.gates and The Producer Dojo offered him a sense of community that fostered a fire to learn and push his skills even further. That Fire, like the scattered light that filters through when sunlight shines through trees. Science calls this “crepuscular rays.” Beams of light shining through the environment. This is Komorebi. This is what ShadowStar brings to you. The beauty in nature. The way light plays on the trees. This is what ShadowStar expresses to you.

Artist Bio:

Born and raised in Austin, TX  Producer/DJ ShadowStar weaves dreamy melodies of deep house and shamanic like entrancing rhythms in his soundscapes with contemporary performances in central Texas. ShadowStar living in the live music capital of the world influenced him greatly with a diverse and often southern style that reflects in his music today.

One side of his music complements the emotive aspect of the Progressive House genre and yet the simple ethereal melodic elements will take you on a halcyon sojourn no matter when or where you are in the day. While the other side will take you into a psychedelic trance with the versatile bass grooves of Deep Techno infused with UK Garage influence.

As a Producer Dojo student in the “Class Of 808” (Shadow Star) has just achieved his Purple Belt (Dojo Student of the Month) after his hard work, dedication and excellent contributions on 6 Producer Dojo Cyphers: Cypher 10Cypher 11Cypher 13Cypher 15Cypher 17 but most recently CYPHER 021: URBAN TEAHOUSE.

Shadow Star · Komorebi