Using Science To Hack New Year’s Resolutions

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Remix Your Life – Singup For 2019 Today

New Year’s Eve is a sacred time of year for artists, hustlers and entrepreneurs of all kinds. This holiday is a yearly opportunity to engage in one of the most rewarding possible activities: lifestyle design.

How will YOU Remix Your Life in 2019?

If you’ve ever made a resolution and failed, welcome to the club. Nobody keeps EVERY resolution they’ve ever made. There is an art to it, and now: there is science!

Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University in California did a large study that used three specific tricks to more than DOUBLE the goal success rate. They are:

Turning Goals into an Action Plan

Third Party Accountability

Scheduled Updates

This research has been a part of what I teach since the beginning, and I’ve designed the Producer Dojo with it in mind. Every Ninja at the Dojo creates and commits to an Action Plan, sets up third party accountability and a schedule of one-on-one Sensei training. There are a constant supply of deadlines (mix tapes, compilations, etc.) and a whole team cheering you on. It’s exactly what I would have wanted as a learning environment.

Right! Another thing to know about is Loss Aversion.

For some reason adults work harder to avoid loss than to seek equivalent gain. Humans don’t really give a shit unless we have some skin in the game. Whether it’s losing money on a bet with your friends or simply losing face, the more you actually invest in your goal the harder you’ll work to avoid losing out on the investment.

Try betting on yourself this year. Put that Action Plan into writing and make a bet with your friends, or better yet: invest in a year of training with me at Producer Dojo. If you take advantage of our Remix Your Life New Year’s Special I will personally call you and help you create and commit to the perfect Action Plan. Your Action Plan will be logged in the our database and the whole Dojo will work together to make sure your 2019 goal is met! You will also get the very first batch of Producer Dojo swag!

Whether you join Producer Dojo or not, I hope you use the power of science to Remix Your Life beyond your wildest dreams.

Much love, and Happy New Year!