Vaedynn launches a new mix for Shadow Sessions: 04

Producer Dojo Brown Belt, Vaedynn, just created a new mix for the monthly installment of all things ShadowTrix Music, hosted by Padlock Music, featuring new music, artists, mixtapes, and events. I caught up with Vaedynn to learn more about it.

Vaedynn, congratulations on your new mix for Shadow Sessions: 04! Tell us how this came about.

Last week, I was looking at my library of “finished” tracks, and I was feeling very accomplished.  I now have a body of work that I’m very proud of and I thought to myself, I should make a promo mix to help get me bookings and get the attention of record labels that I have dreams of releasing on.  So last Friday night, I made a mixtape using mostly my own music or collabs.  60% to be exact.  The next day I listened to the mix and felt like this mix was the ultimate culmination of my last 8 years of working on music.  My heart and soul went into this mix.  Almost all of my best tracks are in this mix, plus my favorite tracks from my favorite artists.

This mix is a perfect representation of Vaedynn.  It has my energy, my weirdness, and my style of mixing flow that drives me during a live set.  I tried my best to not only create an auditory experience that I like, but more importantly I wanted the audience to feel emotions throughout.  I want to make you laugh, cry, dance, and get excited, I wanted to push the listeners through the hills and valleys that in order to make a  deeper impact when I go to my biggest bass bangers towards the end of the mix.

I was traveling while listening to the mix, so as soon as I was able to stop, I just happened to call my personal friend, and music collaborator Padlock.  I let him know I just finished a really dope mixtape the night before, and he immediately asked if he could release it as a Shadow Sessions.  I had no expectation going into the call that ShadowTrix would release the mix, I just was very excited at how good the mix turned out.  After Padlock talked with the others at the label, it became clear that this was going to be a big mixtape and everyone involved in the release was excited for this and wanted to back me in getting this mix to be heard by as many people as possible.

So to all the promoters out there, this mix perfectly encapsulates who I am as an artist and what a live set of mine would sound like.  If you like this mix, please tell your favorite festivals and clubs to give me a shot, because here’s the proof that I can throw down a dope set that any bass music fan will enjoy.

Also, there are a ton of unreleased tracks on there, and I’d be happy to release music with some labels I may not currently have a relationship with.  If you own a label and you liked some of the unreleased tracks, let’s talk!

Check out Shadow Sessions: 04 here.